Impressive Take Away Treats!

Expresso Coffee Company is proud to offer catering services for just about any occasion.  Some of the items we offer to start your day right are fresh baked assorted bagels, pastries  and muffins.  We bake in house banana bread and banana muffins. Also we have delicious fresh quiches,  fresh cut fruit as well, and of course the best coffee in town.

So, this is how it works…

Give us a call and place your order. If your not sure exactly what you need we’ve been doing this for a while so we can help you make those decisions. The next thing that happens is we put it all together and you come and pick it up.

Super easy, fast, and affordable.

Perk up your office meeting

Add yum to a brunch

Our healthy and light lunches keep you on the ball all day

Social events are better with Expressos’ light party fare


You can print out our Catering Flyer by clicking here.

Or just give us a call at: 954-554-6652